Temporary Skilled ShortageSponsor visa

Getting an Australian visa is something that thousands of youths from across the globe are seeking. However, the stringent rules and systematic criteria curtail numerous dreams aspiring to get wings by earning in Australian currency. If you are a working professional and have been hired by an Australian company, you must apply for a TSS 482 visa; the respective company will sponsor your Australian Visa. Read on for detailed information about what your employer needs to do to sponsor your Australian Visa! 

Who can Sponsor my Australian Visa?

Any standard business sponsor company operating in Australia and satisfying the necessary parameters can sponsor your Australian Visa. The company must meet the below-mentioned points to sponsor your 482 visas:

  • The company must possess a legally established and operating business. 
  • The company has no bad reputation regarding their operations and work. 
  • The company has enough capacity for local labour.
  • The company shall declare that they oppose discriminatory recruitment practices. 

Australian Visa Sponsorship Obligations

Before moving ahead, know the obligations that hamper your visa application procesessentialrtant. The following are the most common sponsorship obligations:

  • The employer needs to update immigration if there are any business or employment status changes.
  • The employer must ensure that the visa holder will be employed in the occupation that the government approves.
  • The employer must ensure that the applicant is paid according to the terms and conditions of employment.
  • The sponsor will bear the expenses of becoming a sponsor and pay the nomination fee, migration agent cost, and other related expenses. 

Documents Required To Sponsor Australia Visa

The documents might differ depending upon the category of the application; however, there are a few commostandardments that every employer must submit to sponsor an Australian visa for employees migrating from different countries:

  • Business or Trading Names Extract
  • Tax Return
  • Australian Business Number Registration Certificate
  • Complete year financial report, which includes profit and loss statements along with balance sheet
  • The organizational chart of the business, along with reporting lines
  • Bank Statements
  • Relevant pages of the Trust Deed
  • Lease agreement

Application Process To Sponsor A Visa In Australia

The following are the three simple steps involved in the application process:

  1. Apply for SBS – The first step is to apply to be an Approved Business Sponsor. The employer is required to submit a sponsorship application. 
  2. Nominate the employee – After completing the first step, the employer must submit a nomination application form to sponsor an employee. 
  3. Apply for the Visa – After completing the nomination process, the employer may apply for a TSS Visa.

You know what your employer needs to do to sponsor your Australian Visa. If you are still unsure and searching for an immigration agent in Brisbane, share your details with Bullseye Consultants for the most comfortable and affordable visa services in Australia.