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The Student Visa Brisbane allows you to stay, study, and work in Australia while studying in a full-time education programme registered with the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS).


To be eligible for Student Visa Australia

  • You must have been accepted to study full-time at an educational institution in Australia.
  • You must be at least six years of age. In that case, you should have organized appropriate welfare arrangements for the duration of your intended stay in Australia if you are under 18 years of age.
  • You must have valid health insurance.
Student Visa Brisbane

Student Visa Brisbane, Australia (Subclass 500)

Students can study for Up to 5 years and are in line with their enrolment.

With this visa, you can
The student is in an eligible course of Study
Students can bring family members to Australia with you
Students can apply online in or outside Australia
Students can work additional hours in specific sectors

You must

  • be enrolled in the Course of Study in Australia
  • hold Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC), or fall in one of the exemption categories
  • must be six years or older
  • prove you have a welfare arrangement if you are under 18
  • If in Australia, hold an eligible substantive visa. See, ‘Have this Visa if applying while in Australia” in Eligibility Tab.


  • A substantive visa ceases to be in effect if another substantive visa is granted.
  • Applications are received Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) (or Australian Eastern daylight standard time (AEDST) when applicable)

Student Guardian visa (subclass 590)

This is a temporary visa. The length of your visa will be determined by the student visa holder’s stay and age.

With this visa, you can
come to Australia to provide care and support for a student visa holder who is under 18 years of age or older due to exceptional circumstances

This visa is explicitly meant for the guardians of the students and permits the residence when:

  • The student is below 18 years of age.
  • The student above 18 years needs special assistance need or care.

Under this visa, you cannot work in Australia as a guardian. You can reside only during the student’s course duration or until the student turns 18, whichever is earlier. You are entitled to be the guardian of more than one student via this visa.

You must

  • be the student’s parent, custodian or relative who is 21 years or older
  • have enough money to support yourself and the student during your stay
  • be able to provide accommodation, welfare and other support

Deciding to study with Australia is an astonishing advance into a bright future. Before making this stride, you want to conclude a few significant subtleties. Perhaps the main thing you’ll require is an understudy visa, explicitly the Student visa (subclass 500).

Yet, how treat need to stop a fruitful application? What are the Australian understudy visa prerequisites and related charges? Shouldn’t something be said about COVID-19? Assuming that Australia’s boundaries are shut, why apply for a visa?

Getting an understudy visa is a significant stage of your Study Australia venture. Regardless of whether you’re beginning your review internet, acquiring an understudy visa before you start your course will assist with getting you on target for nearby examinations down the track and open up the potential for post-concentrate on work visa qualification (Visa subclass 485).

You’ll have to effectively apply to an Australian training supplier either straightforwardly or through an Australian instruction specialist to get a visa. Assuming that you decide to apply straightforwardly to a supplier, you’ll have to download an application structure from the supplier’s site.


On the off chance that you’d like some assistance applying for a course, an Australian schooling specialist can help. You’ll, in any case, have to supply your representatives with every one of the significant reports to be submitted with your structure. 

These include:

1) Certificates that confirm your past review, including capabilities you now have.

2) Evidence of your English language capability.

3) Certificates or reports that check past review or work insight assuming you are looking for course credits. These should be converted into English.

Understanding the Student visa (subclass 500)

The Student visa Brisbane (subclass 500) visa permits you to live, work and review in Australia for a limit of five years with your course. On this visa, you are permitted to work a limit of 40 hours for each fortnight during term time and endless hours during concentrating on breaks. Understudies undertaking an exploration postgraduate certificate and understudies in essential enterprises, including the travel industry and friendliness, have extra work hours adaptability.

In Australia, understudy visa charges are AUD 620 per visa application* except if excluded. It’s also vital to note that Australian understudy visa handling times change from one individual to another. Notwithstanding, 75% of utilizations are handled inside 29 days, and 90 per cent are handled inside 42 days.

Presently, how about we separate all the Australian understudy visa prerequisites you’ll have to meet to guarantee your application gets supported.

Letter of Offer

On the off chance that your application is practical, you will get a Letter of Offer.

Peruse the Letter of Offer cautiously before you acknowledge it. It will incorporate your course subtleties, enrolment conditions, charges you should pay, assuming you proceed with the deal. Ensure that you see every one of your freedoms, including the discount plans; if you don’t begin or complete your course, the understanding will be utilized to decide whether you will get a discount.

Try not to acknowledge the Letter of Offer on the off chance that you are not content with any of its terms.

Keep a duplicate of the Letter of Offer. You will require this duplicate to know about your freedoms and assume that you need to make a case against the foundation.

Visa necessities agenda

The headings recorded in the underneath segments diagram all you want to apply for a visa and enter Australia.

Affirmation of Enrolment (CoE)

A Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) is a report given by your instructive foundation that checks your enrolment in a particular course. The CoE will be shipped off many you have acknowledged your proposition and paid your store.

It would help if you remembered a duplicate of this record for your visa application, so the public authority has evidence that you are enrolled in your pronounced course.

English capability

If you are not a local English speaker, you’ll have to supply a testament from an English language test since instructive Australian courses are educated in English. This declaration will demonstrate to the Australian Government that you meet the base English capability levels expected to prevail in your given course. There are just specific tests you can take that will be acknowledged by the Australian Government, yet all are effectively open from around the world.

There are fluctuating necessities for every schooling level, and foundations now and then set these prerequisites higher for specific courses.

See examining and preparing visas on the Australian Department of Home Affairs site for more data and look at the organization’s site for particular English language necessities.

Scholastic necessities

The academic necessities (counting proof of English language abilities) you want will fluctuate contingent upon the degree you need to study. Schooling suppliers can have distinctive section necessities, so read the course data on their site cautiously and get in touch with them if you want any exhortation or help.

Here are a few general directions on section necessities for various degrees of Study:

English language courses: see the past area above called ‘English capability’ for additional subtleties.

Schools: Entry prerequisites change between schools relying upon the state or region. Scholastic execution and capacity are considered during the application cycle.

Professional instruction and preparing (VET): much of the time, there are no placement tests for VET organizations. Be that as it may, a few courses might expect you to have concentrated on explicit subjects or finished work insight.

Advanced education college classes: you should have an Australian Senior Secondary Certificate of Education (Year 12) or the abroad same. Some college classes may likewise have explicit essential subjects.

Advanced education postgraduate course: you probably finished something like one degree at the undergrad level. This foundation may likewise consider your examination capacity or significant work insight.

Tip: To meet an Australian secondary school’s academic prerequisites, think about taking an establishment course. Otherwise called connecting Study, they have escalated courses that will assist you with meeting section prerequisites. They are typically drawn out and are presented by most advanced education foundations.

Veritable Temporary Entrant (GTE) prerequisite

Another Australian understudy visa necessity is the Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) part. To meet this necessity, you should compose an explanation that tends to two rules:

1) That you are coming to Australia to read up and not so much for some other explanation.

2) That you might be living in Australia for a brief time (and not outstaying your visa).

In your articulation, you can remember subtleties for your connections to home (like your loved ones or a task that you need to get back to) just as the worth of the course to your future professions or educational objectives. Doing so will demonstrate both your goal to get back toward the finish of your visa and your actual goal to study in Australia.

Evidence of adequate assets

To get an Australian understudy visa, you should demonstrate that you have sufficient cash to help yourself all through your visit. You have two choices with regards to this part of your application:

Demonstrate that you have sufficient cash to cover all your expenses and costs through your courses, such as travel, course charges, and lease. You can give bank proclamations, proof of awards, or grants.

Supply verification of your folks’ or alternately accomplice’s yearly pay, which should be AUD 62,222 in the year preceding you apply. Assuming that you bring relatives, the yearly pay should be AUD 72,592.

For more data on the base required assets, head to the Department of Home Affairs site.

Abroad Student Health Cover (OSHC)

As a worldwide understudy in Australia, you should have an Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for the length of your visit. If you don’t prove that you have purchased this protection, your understudy visa application will be denied.

OSHC will help:

  • you pay for clinical or medical clinic care while contemplating in Australia,
  • pay for most doctor prescribed prescriptions,
  • give you rescue vehicle cover in crises.

While getting sorted out your wellbeing cover, additionally ensure you request an OSHC card for use at medical checkups while you’re living in Australia. Peruse more at our protection page.

You can discover more about OSHC cover, including where to buy OSHC, at

Wellbeing necessity

The Australian Government requires all worldwide understudies to be healthy before entering. Therefore, you might have to go through a wellbeing assessment and give a clinical endorsement affirming that you meet these wellbeing necessities.

Character prerequisite

Additional sure person necessities you should meet to study in Australia. You’ll need to address a few fundamental inquiries concerning your personality and past direct in your application. Sometimes, you might even have to give a police individual verification.

Coronavirus and visas

Numerous Australian suppliers are offering connecting and online courses for global understudies to get an ‘introduction’ of their Australian schooling. To ensure your review outside Australia is figured in with your certificate, you’ll, in any case, have to have an understudy visa. Look at Temporary Graduate (Subclass 485) visa qualification on the Australian Department of Home Affairs site for additional information.

Investigate your visa choices for Australia’s consideration through the Australian Department of Home Affairs’ site.

**Existing and new understudy visa holders who attempt online review outside Australia as a result of COVID-19 will want to count this review towards their Australian Study Requirement, assuming they have a visa while concentrating from a distance.

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